Who we are

We are a leading professional sports company centred around tennis and continually expanding perceptions of what sports and inclusion can be. 

We celebrate different ways of seeing, of being and teaching!

About the company

The creation of this company was enormously inspired by the dream of offering all children regardless of background, ethnicity and abilities a POSITIVE experience while playing Games or Sports. Half a decade later MetroTennis and sports is a leader in the field of adapted sports and inclusive tennis. Working with nurseries, primary, SEND and alternative provision educational settings across London with a well developed network of partners and coaching workforce.

our values

- we go above and beyond what we are expected to achieve
- we are a role model
- approaching work professionally

MetroTennis Team

We might be a small team but we make a big impact. We have brought together a highly specialist team of different subject teachers,  PE specialists and coaches who work as an interdisciplinary team, constantly developing and innovating our programmes to provide the very best products for your school, child and family. 

We are dedicated and passionate about our focus on collaborative working under the motto of our vision of Inclusivness. Our Programmes and Products continue to evolve and promote an interdisciplinary social model.  

Metro Mustafa

The Founder and the Director

George Cupsa

LTA Level 3 Coach

Indu Chera

Level 3 LTA Coach

Nicholas Bastiani

LTA Level 2 Assistant Coach

Matt Kilberd

LTA Level 3

Louis Wild

LTA Level 2

Finlay Eaton

LTA Level 2

Roland Cruysmans

LTA Level 3 Coach

Rob East

LTA Level 4 Coach

Carl Guichard

Boxersice and fitness conditioning coach

Velilina Nikolova


Kemi Konstantinova

The Schools and Inclusive Coordinator

Filipa Baldeva

Alternative dance and Movement

Asya-Lea Rodrigues

EDITOR - news and videos

Careers with us

Here are ours open positions.

Primary School (s)
Southfield LTC

Reports to:
Director of the Company

Main Responsibilities and Tasks:

Session Delivery:
 - Plan weekly sessions using a lesson plan template in line with the delivery plan.
 - To deliver and evidence high quality (outstanding) practice in the delivery of a varied multi sports programme across all sites.
 - Work in line with standards expected of all MetroTennis employees
 - Operate within the ethos of the organisation; creating positive learning experiences which inspire children to be active for life.
 - Deliver with a focus on whole child development and improving the 5 abilities; personal, social, creative, cognitive and physical.

Furthering the community links:
 - Encourage and support young people to access extended activities offered by MetroTennis; holiday camps and external partners;
 - Inform young people about development opportunities where appropriate

Monitoring, Evaluation and Administration:
 - Administer work to the standards and timescales required.
 - Ensure that programmes are implemented and evidence is collected to monitor the impact of these initiatives and interventions.
 - Ensure regular communication with the Coordinator; once a week via email or phone.
 - Keep an electronic register of all sessions and ensure the coordinator receives this every two weeks.
 - Keep the coordinator informed of any CPD requirements of yourself or the supporting staff if applicable.
 - Ensure that all incidences and/or accidents are recorded using the mechanisms in place at all sites and dealt with appropriately. Inform the Director/Coordinator of any incident/accident and the action taken.
 - Using the reporting mechanisms in place via MetroTennis ensure that and safeguarding and welfare concerns are reported immediately to the Director/Coordinator.
 - Ensure that confidentially is maintained at all times and that information is only provided to the relevant people through MetroTennis; should you deem it imperative that external organisations or individuals are informed please follow your line of reporting.

 - Promote MetroTennis Groups and Inclusive Services to young people and their parents/carers/guardians  

Please note: The Assistant Coach position is only open to applicants with disabilities

Eligible Criteria: to live in the catchment area of Roehampton and West Putney

Main Purpose of Job
To assist the Head Coach providing a coached activity as part of the MetroTennis’ Roehampton Community Week programme.

Main Duties
 - To arrive in time and assist in helping to set up any equipment required for that activity to ensure the activity starts on time.
 - To assist the coach in instructing the activity as detailed in the MetroTennis Programme and provide clear instructions and offer guidance and encouragement to all participants.
 - To assist the coach in instructing the activity with due regard to health and safety considerations, and be aware of the venue’s emergency evacuation procedures.
 - To attend training sessions as required by the Company Management Team.
 - Report any faulty equipment to the Head Coach or advise on new equipment needed as necessary for the successful activity development 
 - To keep all coaching qualifications in date as required by MetroTennis.

Such variations may be required from time to time without changing the general character of the duties shown above or the level of responsibility entailed.

Get in touch

We always welcome new Primary PE teachers and Sport coaches to our team. If you are studying at The Roehampton University, already a coach or just love to play games and sports. Please give us a call, text or send an email introducing yourself.

Interested? Contact our team now!

MetroTennis and the Planet

We believe that our activity should not negatively impact people or the planet. We seek to minimise our impact on the environment and maximise our positive contribution to the communities in which we operate.

MetroTennis took part in The Queen's Green Canopy initiative and donated an evergreen tree to SLTC to plant in their garden.

With the SLTC’s support, MetroTennis will develop a sensory garden for all children, particularly the special needs participants, who can enjoy colourful and beautiful spring and summer gardens.