All of our school programmes are set in partnership with the schools teams in order to be really meaningful. We don’t believe in merely acheiving a scgool goal or a child's target, how is this meaningful to a child? We want to help the children to enjoy learning while stay active and have fun, to feel confident in the playground and the sports fields, to be able to enchance skills and knowledge, so parents and teachers  are able to track the whole process and feel confident in how we are working.

We know that children want to make the most of their life to Connect, Participate and Learn. MetroTennis is offering it all within our bespoke programmes.

Schools' testimonials

"Heathmere has been involved with MetroTennis for several years now. The quality of their coaches is always exceptional and the children at Heathmere find the tennis lessons both enjoyable and physically challenging."

Emma Lewis
Heathmere Primary School

Magda Winiarczyk
Life and Living Pathway Teacher
Great Oaks College