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Orleans Park School Green Play

Forty Year 7 and 8 students from Orleans Park School are taking part in a unique after-school alternative sports and tennis club. The participants are not only improving their sports skills but also learning about climate change and how to be more sustainable in their daily lives.

Funded by the Climate Change Youth Fund Richmond Council and delivered by MetroTennis and Sports, the Green Play project was initiated by two Orleans Park students, Asya-Lea and Vilian Rodrigues. Their idea was presented to the Youth Council and was deemed worthy of support.

The Green Play club provides a fun and interactive way for students to learn about climate change and how to make a difference. Each session begins with a short presentation on different aspects of sustainability, such as practicing sports outdoors, reducing waste, conserving energy, and reducing carbon footprints. This is followed by sports activities, including tennis and alternative sports such as Indiaca, designed to improve the students' fitness levels while also promoting teamwork and communication skills.

The club has been highly successful so far, with students enthusiastic to learn about climate change while having fun and improving their sports skills. Asya-Lea and Vilian are pleased with the progress the club has made and are committed to making it even more successful in the future.

Asya-Lea says, "We wanted to use sport as a way to advocate for a greener future, and we saw an opportunity to create a club that combined our love for sports with our concern for the environment. We hope that by learning about sustainability and making small changes in our daily lives, we can make a difference in the fight against climate change. It is also a great way to give back to our school and teachers, especially the PE department, who are creating numerous unique opportunities for all of us."

Vilian adds, "We are grateful to the Climate Change Youth Fund Richmond Council for supporting our idea and allowing us to make a positive impact on our community. We are excited to see how the club will continue to grow and make a difference in the future."

Overall, the Green Play club is a fantastic example of how students can take the initiative to make a positive impact on their community and the environment. We look forward to seeing more projects like this in the future and encourage all students to get involved in making a difference.

Smashing Balls

Southfields Lawn Tennis CLub appointed MetroTennis to provide free coaching to 3 special schools in Wandsworth. A Team of Coaches is delivering three, hour-long sessions in each school throughout the week for 12 weeks. School-based sessions are used to link the students to the Weekend Club at Southfields Lawn Tennis Club.

The Weekend Club offers a free two-hour family fun session at SLTC. The project aims to cement a significant lifestyle change in more than 100 SEND/SEMHD pupils in Wandsworth borough and surrounding areas, who developed anxiety due to COVID disrupting their day to day routine.

HAF (Holiday Activities and Food)

HAF is the 'Holiday Activities and Food' initiative awarded by the government for children aged 4 to 16 who are in full-time education and receive free school meals.School holidays can be particular pressure points for some families because of increased costs (such as food and childcare) and reduced incomes. For some children, that can lead to a holiday experience gap, with children from disadvantaged families being:

  • less likely to access organised out-of-school activities
  • more likely to experience ‘unhealthy holidays’ in terms of nutrition and physical health
  • more likely to experience social isolation


The “Evergreen Tennis Programme” is tailored especially for the senior residents of Wandsworth. This programme will promote an active lifestyle for those over 65, through fully adapted and engaging sessions including walking tennis for the home residents and well-being tennis sessions for their staff. The programme is fully supported by Enable.

Metro Tennis delivered the sessions free of charge for the residents and supporting staff. The project included the residents and staff of Anchor House Manor Court and members of HEADWAY.

Tennis Laughs

Tennis Laughs was delivered in 2022 with the  support of Enable and Southfields Lawn Tennis Club. The project aimed to offer a safe, social, interactive environment for children and young people aged 8-18 with SEN during the short half term breaks of February half term break and May half term break 2022,.

A fun, safe and stimulating environment for children and young people with SEN, the activities, which are tailored to their needs included tennis, art activities to promote tennis, fun games and other adapted activities related to tennis.